Founded in 2008, Jieyang Kangliang Hardware Electric Appliance Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development, production and sales of flashlights, searchlights, headlights, LED lamps, and other small appliances.

The company has a group of excellent management personnel, senior technical staff and skilled workforce. Existing world-class computer injection molding machines, CNC machine tools, assembly lines, packaging lines, testing lines, including a full set of production, testing, and molding equipment, with product design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, assembly testing, marketing development ability.

The "Kang Power" and "Power One" brand rechargeable flashlights, searchlights, lanterns, scorpion lights, table lights and other lights, etc. developed and produced by our company have won the favor of customers at home and abroad for their novel shapes, superior quality and reasonable prices.

Based on the tenet of "people-oriented" and "advance with the times" and the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, we are full of passion and hope, continue to work hard and forge ahead, dedicated our best products and services to the wholesalers and consumers, to create a new situation of harmony and win-win situation with wholesalers and consumers.

Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to continue to support and patronize!

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